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Martha Stewart Swears By Adding Orange Juice to Her Sweet Potato Mash


Sweet potatoes are our most-loved ingredient when we need a healthier starch alternative so we can enjoy the benefits of carbs without having to feel guilty. We just can’t get enough of sweet potatoes — especially in creamy mashed form. But while sweet potato mash might be a staple side on your weekend dinner table, preparing them the same old way every time can get a bit boring. Fortunately, there’s one simple taste-boosting hack that will change the sweet mash game altogether: adding a little bit of orange juice.

Yes, you read that right. Adding orange juice to sweet potato mash will make it taste better than it ever has before, and your kids will be begging you for more. Why? Because the citrus juice adds a tangy, tantalizing zing to your potatoes that will give them new life. The best part about adding orange juice to your sweet potato mash is that you can add it to both savory and sweet varieties. So, whatever your preference for sweet potatoes is — whether it be a sweeter mash with cinnamon and maple syrup or a savory dish with butter and garlic — the orange juice is going to give your mash a kick that will take you out of this world. Even Martha Stewart adds orange juice to her mash!

You don’t need to use a lot of orange juice either, so don’t worry about ruining your healthy dish with too much extra sugar! Because orange juice is so tart, it only takes a small amount to boost your whole pot of mash. If you’re ready to dive even further into incorporating citrus in your mash, you can try out adding orange zest to your mash as well! Trust us, this hack is going to open new doors; you’ll never be bored eating sweet potatoes again. 

To add orange juice to your sweet potato mash, simply pour 1/4 to 1/2 cup of orange juice (fresh or store bought is fine) into your usual mash mix after you’ve boiled and chopped the potatoes. And as mentioned previously, if you’ve become a big fan of orange in your sweet potato mash, experiment with adding zest by throwing about two teaspoons into your mix. Use any remaining for a pretty garnish!

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