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Don’t Throw Away That Empty Sugar Bag Yet — It Will Come in Handy Later


When it comes to kitchen staples, chance are high that you’ve got sugar sitting somewhere around your pantry or cabinet. But once you either pour your sugar into a more accessible container, or you just get to the bottom of that bag, here’s something you might not have considered: You don’t want to throw out that empty sugar bag itself quite yet!

Table sugar, brown sugar, and confectioner’s sugars all often come in double-layered paper bags that are thicker and more durable than other types of food bags. Certain flours also sometimes come in similar bags with this sturdier texture. This is largely for two purposes. First, sugars and flours can often be incredibly dense and heavy in larger quantities, so you don’t want a bag ripping the second you try to lift it up. (Talk about a big mess!) Second, because the granules are usually so tiny, you don’t want them filtering through the bag and slowly spilling everywhere. (Also a mess!)

So, once you’ve finally gotten to the bottom of that sugar bag, what can you do with it? Because of those extra thick fibers, they can serve as great all-purpose bags to use when you need to carry things that are heavier or sharper. One Twitter user recently pointed out that she always keeps a few spare empty sugar bags on hand for picking up broken glass and similar objects. Even if you don’t necessarily worry about broken shards of glass in your house all the time, you can still use these bags to store glass that you’re recycling so that it doesn’t spill everywhere in a bin or container if it breaks. You can also use them as storage bags for a number of food items, like extra bread or fruit that you don’t want to just leave out on the counter on their own.

And if you’re looking for other hacks where you can save kitchen scraps for other uses, think about keeping those watermelon rinds, used lemons, avocado peels, and coffee grounds before chucking them!

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