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Don’t Throw Away Unused Chopped Scallions! Try This Simple Hack to Keep Them Fresher Longer


Scallions are usually sold in bundles, but how often do you just want enough to sprinkle over a piping hot bowl of chili or to add some crunch to a refreshing salad? Most of the time after chopping them all up, you end up with a bunch extra that will most likely spoil in the fridge. Thankfully, there’s a simple hack for how to store scallions once they’re chopped to maintain their freshness and flavor!

Sliced green onions can usually last about five days in the fridge. This works if you use them pretty much daily for cooking. However, if you have more than you need for upcoming weeknight dishes this tip from TikTok user @wndy_1229 will prevent them from going to waste.

This trick simply involves adding any leftover chopped scallions into a clean plastic bottle using a piece of parchment paper as a funnel. Once the bottle is filled, screw on the cap and store in the freezer for up to six months. Alternatively, you can use a clean mason jar with a lid.

See how easy this hack is for keeping those extra green onions fresh and ready to cook in a variety of dishes:

When you’re ready to add an oniony twist to your meals, grab the bottle out of the freezer and let it sit for about a minute or two at room temperate to make it easier to shake the scallions out of the bottle. Use what you need and place the bottle back in your freezer for another time.

You can sprinkle them over a loaded baked potato for a classic starchy side. You can use them as an alternative to salt to season eggs, soups, and casseroles as they’re cooking. This way you’re not missing out on flavor even if you’re saving calories. Or try them out in a unique recipe like this crunchy Asian rice salad that’s packed with veggies as a healthy lunch option.

The key takeaway is to never throw away or let sliced green onions spoil in the fridge. Instead, storing them in the freezer for a few months gives you enough time to brainstorm some tasty ways to use them up!

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