How You Store Bread Says a Lot About You as a Person


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While there are some foodie sins you should be proud to be guilty of, such as staunchly abiding by the five-second rule or going back for thirds, there are some that just cannot be indulged — like failing to mention the cilantro hidden in a dish (a nasty surprise, for some).

But there’s one seemingly banal question that is rising in contention across the internet: How do you store your bread?

Twitter user aurelianrabbit shared the below image, and it has people questioning not only their foodie status, but their validity as functioning humans.


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Using a moral alignment chart, nine bread storage methods have been categorized by rank from “lawful good” (using a bread box) to “chaotic evil” (leaving the bag open).

It has Twitter users both shamefully admitting their flaws and proudly acknowledging their shortcomings.

It’s not the first time Twitter threads have validated our strange habits. From blindly believing our fortune cookie fails to proudly showing off our work snack stashes, the internet is the relatable friend we’ve all needed sometimes. And, perhaps, it has been the strongest ally for this guy, who added one more option to the moral alignment chart:

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While eating a loaf of bread in one sitting sounds like a task and a half, we don’t doubt it’s possible!

Of course, as dedicated bakers, there is one other important stance to hold in this bread debate: baking your own fresh bread from scratch. We know which we’d choose.

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