11 Best Comforters For Dog Hair That Are Pet-Friendly

Pet-hair resistant bedding is a wonderful thing!


Cuddling up with our furry friends on the bed or sofa can be oh-so relaxing, but the state of the comforter afterward can be enough to induce an anxiety attack. Investing in one of the best comforters for dog hair is not only worth it for your sanity, your pup may just love a pet-friendly duvet cover or ultra soft dog-proof bedding even more.

Short of shaving our dogs that shed completely bald (be honest — you’ve thought about it!) or carrying around a lint roller ($15.97 for a set of two, Amazon), a fur lifter ($14.99, Amazon), or even a roll of sticky tape for urgent fuzz removal, you may think there’s little to be done about the fur that gets stuck to your bedding. Or is there?

While you may not be able to eradicate the problem completely, making sure you choose one of the best comforters for cat and dog fur is the first step. Lucky for you, we’ve found 11 that are not only hypoallergenic, are pet-hair-resistant bedding options that clean effortlessly.

What fabric repels dog and other pet hair the best? 

The main determining factor in whether pet hair will cling to a material or not is the way the fabric is made. Tight-knit fabrics have no (or few) holes for hairs to get stuck in, whereas loosely-woven fabrics make for the perfect environment to collect fur and other debris. 

Other factors to bear in mind are how sticky a material is. Fabrics such as velvet, nylon, velour, loosely-woven cotton, chenille, linen, and acrylic, are among the worst fabrics for pet hair, as they tend to attract fuzz and dust. As such, it would be best to steer clear of these and any other high-static materials when shopping for the perfect pet-friendly comforter. Highly-textured fabrics can also easily trap pet hair in their threads, so it’s best to avoid those, too. 

The best bedding fabrics for repelling pet hair are made with tightly-woven materials, such as canvas, tight-knit cottons, microfiber, rayon, satin, and silk. Fur will have a hard time sticking to these types of materials, allowing you to easily shake it off or wipe it away with a cloth. 

How do you get dog hair out of a comforter? 

Regularly vacuuming your comforter with the best vacuum for pet hair is a must. Choose a vacuum with an air-tight seal that traps allergens and dust-mites. Many vacuums come with attachments specifically designed to remove pet hair (like this Shark Rotator Professional Upright).

Another big factor to take into consideration when shopping for the best comforter for pets is whether or not your duvet or comforter is machine-washable, as fur — combined with other potential accidents — means you’ll probably have to put it in the washer more often than not. 

What color bedding hides dog hair?

That depends on the color of your pet’s hair. My dog is white, so beiges, grays, and warm tones tend to match his fur. Dogs and cats with darker color manes will camouflage with dark gray, navy, and even black-colored bedding.

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What is the best comforter for dog hair?

To save you the hassle of having to sort though hundreds of comforters to track down selections from the best fabrics list, we’ve done the hard work for you, tracking down 11 of the best fur-repelling duvets on the market. Keep scrolling for FIRST for Women’s picks for the best comforters for pet hair.

  1. Most Affordable Comforter for Dog Hair: Beckham Hotel Collection 1600 Series – Amazon
  2. Best Down Alternative Comforter for Pet Hair: Easeland All-Season Quilted Down Alternative Comforter – Amazon
  3. Best Down Comforter for Dog Hair: AllRange Clean & Safe Feather and Down Comforter – Amazon
  4. Best Designer Comforter for Pet Hair: Lauren Ralph Lauren Lightweight Down Alternative Comforter – Macy’s
  5. Best Cotton Duvet Cover for Dog Hair: Sormag Duvet Cover – Amazon
  6. Best Duvet Cover Set for Pet Hair: Brandream Luxury 800-Thread-Count Bed Set – Amazon
  7. Best Silk Duvet Cover for Dog Hair: LilySilk Silk Duvet Cover – Amazon
  8. Best Waterproof Blanket for Pet Hair: Mambe 100% Waterproof Furniture Cover – Amazon
  9. Best Bed Protector Blanket for Pet Hair: Catalonia Waterproof Blanket – Amazon
  10. Best Hypoallergenic Comforter for Dog Hair: Tempur-Pedic Fresh and Clean – Bed Bath & Beyond
  11. Best Reversible Comforter for Dog Hair: Pet Parade Bed Protector – Amazon

Overall Best Comforters for Dog Hair


Beckham Hotel Collection 1600 Series

most affordable comforter for dog hair
Beckham Down Alternative Comforter

Buy from Amazon, $39.95 (originally $66.99)

Why we like it:

  • Filled with hypoallergenic synthetic feathers
  • Lightweight
  • All-season warmth

This beautifully plush hotel-quality comforter from the Beckham Hotel Collection 1600 Series is lightweight, hypoallergenic, and less than $40 for a king. Its tightly-woven material provides superior protection against dust mites, mold, mildew, and, of course, pet hair, with many of the hundreds of positive reviews mentioning this fact. 

Promising review: “Sleeping under this blanket literally feels like sleeping under a cloud. It is so light and fluffy, warm without being oppressive. I like sleeping with a blanket even in warm weather and I got this for summer use and it is exactly what I wanted. Washes great as well.”

Easeland All-Season Quilted Down Alternative Comforter

best down alternative comforter for dog hair
best comforters for dog hair

Buy from Amazon, from $42.90

Why we like it:

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Machine Washable
  • Durable fabric

This fan-favorite down-alternative comforter has more than 7,000 5-star reviews on Amazon. Owners love its lightweight breathability. The premium poly filling is secured with durable box stitching, so you won’t have to worry about your dog ripping the quilting and filling coming loose. The best part is that it washes like a dream!

Happy customer: “We had an expensive down comforter but we’ve had to wash it too many times from dogs and kids that’s it’s worn and lumpy. Assuming we’ll have to wash the next one again I didn’t want to pay a lot. My expectations were low but wow were they exceeded! This comforter is sooooo soft and fluffy even after washing! It’s very comfy and the only downside is I don’t want to get out of bed. 10/10 would purchase again.”

AllRange Clean & Safe Feather and Down Comforter

best down comforter for dog hair
best comforters for dog hair

Buy from Amazon, $64.99

Why we like it:

  • Machine washable
  • Hypoallergenic cotton cover
  • DS Certificate and OEKO-TEX Standard 100

Machine washable down comforters that are actually affordable aren’t easy to come by, making this is one a rare gem. Filled with real white duck feather and white duck down, its fluffy and lightweight but provides sufficient warmth. The 233 thread count, 100-percent-cotton cover is down-proof and securely stitched, so it’s completely hypoallergenic. With its Responsible Down Standard and OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certifications, you can rest easy knowing that this comforter is natural and environmentally friendly.

Happy customer: “Not too hot, not too cold. My room doesn’t get much heat during the winter, but with this duvet, it’s hardly noticeable. The duvet is also perfectly fine even when used in temperatures in the 60s. I have a down duvet that cost almost 4X as much and there is very little difference between the two. The Allrange is a fantastic value for the money. There’s no bothersome crinkly noise and while you can feel some of the feathers, none of them are to the point where it pokes through and hurts. I love that it’s machine washable and that it has ties inside the duvet to tie to the duvet cover. I don’t know why more duvet manufacturers don’t do this. The only real negative is that the duvet is so fluffy and comfortable, it’s hard to wake up in the morning!”

Lauren Ralph Lauren Lightweight Down Alternative Comforter

Best Designer Comforter for Pet Hair

Buy from Macy’s, from $155.99

Why we like it:

  • 233-thread count cotton cover
  • Machine washable
  • Lightweight with Lite Loft polyester fill

Sleeping with bedding that bears Ralph Lauren’s name is a dream you and your canine companion won’t want to wake up from. This Lauren Ralph Lauren lightweight down alternative comforter, which is made with a 100 percent cotton cover and a plush fill, is an affordable luxury you won’t want to pass up, since pet hair can’t get stuck its tightly-woven fibers. And, when when it’s time to freshen it up, you can toss the whole thing in the washing machine (on cold). 

Happy customer: “I love this new Ralph Lauren comforter. It is large enough to cover our queen bed with extra to pull up under your chin. Very cozy. It is very plushy and soft, but thin enough to not make you sweat. I LOVE it. Both my husband and I are sleeping better with the extra weight of the comforter, but without sweating. It feels like it should be more expensive than what we bought it for. Huge bonus!”

Best Duvet Covers for Pet Hair

Sormag Duvet Cover

best Cotton duvet cover for dog hair
best comforters for dog hair

Buy from Amazon, $59.99 (was $69.99)

Why we like it:

  • Durable and handles multiple washings
  • Soft, 100% cotton
  • Wrinkle and snag free

This 100 percent washed cotton duvet cover is made to be laundered over and over without shrinking or ware, meaning it’s perfectly pet-friendly. Its tight-weave gives this duvet great strength and durability, preventing snags and tears from excited fur babies who can’t get enough of the softness. Pull ties on each corner keep the comforter securely attached to the duvet, so no more fluffing.

Happy customer: “This is the BEST duvet cover! Incredibly soft, easy to wash, and the zipper is sturdy. If you have dogs, this is an excellent choice for someone like me who washes their sheets once a week.”

Brandream Luxury 800-Thread-Count Bed Set

best duvet cover set for pet hair
best comforters for dog hair

Buy from Amazon, starting at $63.99

Why we like it:

  • 100 percent Egyptian Cotton
  • Machine washable
  • Comes with two pillow cases

If prints are more your style, this 100 percent Egyptian, 400 thread count duvet set is for you. With 15 colors and patters to choose from, you can instantly upgrade you bedding without breaking the bank. The lightweight, butter soft fabric is more durable than you would think. It holds up to plenty of washes, which you may need if your pup wants to sleep on your bed!

Happy customer: “I never thought that I would buy a duvet cover from anywhere other than a brick and mortar store, where I could see and feel before purchasing. I liked the color and pattern of this cover so decided to take a chance. I am so glad that I did. It looks fabulous on my upholstered bed, washes well (no shrinking). It was a great buy, I do not think you will be disappointed!”

LilySilk Silk Duvet Cover

best silk duvet cover for dog hair
Silk Comforter

Buy from Amazon, from $265

Why we like it:

  • Perfect for all seasons
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Machine-washable

This luxurious LilySilk piece features real silk filling with an ultra-soft royal cotton cover. It’s breathable, lightweight, and makes for a great temperature-regulator to boot. Bonus: it’s machine-washable, so getting rid of pet hair is a breeze. In between washes, pet hair will also easily slide off this fabric; so the only thing you’ll need to watch out for is scratches. 

Happy customer: “Love these. I have bought three so far/over time. Very light but keeps you warm without making you sweat.”

Best Blankets for Dog Hair

Mambe 100% Waterproof Furniture Cover

best waterproof blanket for dog hair
best comforters for dog hair

Buy from Amazon, $95

Why we like it:

  • 100 percent waterproof
  • Washes easily
  • Multiple sizes and colors

This 100 percent waterproof blanket comes in different colors, sizes, and shapes, so you can fit it to not only your bed but a recliner, couch, or loveseat. Whether you’re dealing with an untrained pup, an incontinent cat, muddy paws, or even messy kids, this blanket will save you the hassle of cleaning everything, all the time.

Happy customer: “Washing the duvet cover, comforter, blanket and sheets twice in one week (thanks to a cat who decided peeing on the bed is fun) left me with the option of either covering the bed with a tarp or finding something that would serve the same purpose and actually look good. This was it. It matches the bedding, doesn’t look or feel like a tarp, and completely does what it says it does — keeps liquid on just this layer, protecting everything underneath. It washes nicely (I run a few additional spin cycles to get as much water out — this fabric is very absorbent, so more spin cycles just helps with the drying time). I was hesitant because of the price, but it’s already paid for itself when I consider how much time and money it costs to do wash and dry the down comforter given I have to take it to the laundromat, since it’s too big for my own washing machine and dryer. The Mambe can be washed at home fast and easy.”

Catalonia Waterproof Blanket

Best Bed Protector Blanket for dog hair

Buy from Amazon, from $69.99

Why we like it:

  • Durable waterproof interior to prevent leak throughs
  • Plush micro fleece exterior is water-repellant
  • Washable

If you’re perfectly happy with your current bedding apart from the hair-attraction factor, a good way to limit pet hair without having to sacrifice your beloved comforter is with this blanket and bed protector from Catalonia. Just throw it on top of your bedding and let your fur baby doze off. It’s waterproof on the underside, so as not to let any drool seep through, and it won’t allow any pet hair to get through to your actual bedding. What’s more, users have reported that it will remain “soft and wonderful” even after many washes. 

Happy customer: “My big dog has a degenerative neuropathy and is losing his mobility. Recently becoming incontinent, he wears a wrap diaper most of the time but there are leaks. Nothing has gotten through these blankets! I have 5 that I rotate between his day and night beds. I change them out every morning so that means that I wash two a day on a rotating basis. They take a little longer to dry because of the waterproof part but wash up nicely. They are holding up beautifully despite all the washing and are soft and fresh every morning and night. It keeps him healthy and clean and helps with his mood. I am his full time care giver and products like these make it possible for him to be comfortable and make my job keeping him comfortable so much easier. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Best Pet Hair Resistant Comforters

Tempur-Pedic Fresh and Clean

Best Hypoallergenic Comforter for dog hair
best comforters for dog hair
Bed Bath & Beyond

Buy from Bed Bath & Beyond, from $200

Why we like it:

  • FreshTech™ fabric finish eliminates odors for freshness between washings
  • Eternaloft™ hypoallergenic fill for lasting fullness
  • Machine washable

Tempur-Pedic’s Fresh and Clean odor-neutralizing comforter is a great choice for those who don’t want to part with their pooch at bedtime. Not only does it repel pet fur thanks to its 100 percent sateen woven-cotton construction, it’s also hypoallergenic, making it a dream for allergy sufferers. Better yet, it’s made with a “FreshTech” technology that eliminates foul smells to keep your bed pet odor-free in between washes! 

Happy customer: “This has been godsend with having two kitties. It works for all seasons. I can put a light duvet cover on it and it is comfortable for spring/summer. And then I can put a heavier duvet cover like many from Ugg and it’s cozy. It never smells, but I wash it anyways. It fits in a front loading washing machine. I recommend it to every one I know, especially families with boys.”

Pet Parade Bed Protector

Best Reversible Comforter for dog hair

Buy from Amazon, from $35.51

Why we like it:

  • Dirt and snag resistant
  • Water repellent
  • Reversible and machine washable

The sole reason this blanket was created is to pet-proof your bed. That means pet hair, snagging, and even soiling won’t stand a chance against its waterproof, microfiber exterior.  A simple wipe down in the morning will rid your bed of any fur. It’s also reversible, so you can turn it over whenever you need to change things up. 

Happy customer: “I have three [german shepherds] who love to get on our bed to snuggle up with us. I have gone through so many old bedsheets (as pet shields) and ruined comforters. This pet shield is thick (quilted) and is reversible. I love it!”

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